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Lantra's Skills Competence Framework

Lantra’s Skills Competence Framework (SCF) has been developed, funded by Defra, as a means to record employees’ formal and informal training, skills, achievements and competencies and to drive skills recognition and the demand for skills training. Defra’s support for the SCF was based on the assumption that once developed, the SCF would be self sustaining through income generation.

This project was commissioned by Defra to assess the likely effectiveness of Lantra’s SCF across the whole of the land-based sector, in terms of its potential adoption and application by businesses and in terms of the amount that they would be willing to pay for it.

The project directly addressed two questions; do businesses recognise the difficulties, needs and opportunities that the SCF sets out to address, and would they would be willing to pay for a system which addressed these?

Evidence was brought together through

  • a telephone survey of organisations and businesses across the land-based industries
  • econometric modelling of willingness to pay

The project provided recommendations to Lantra, to Defra and to industry organisations on how the SCF should be taken forward.

Project Partners: 
Philip Jones of The University of Reading
Martin Potter
Mike Doyle
Dr Len Norman