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Pig production: labour productivity

Work-Metrics is a system developed by Delta-innovation that enables farmers to look in detail at where they are efficient, and inefficient, in terms of labour productivity and it highlights for each farm how the labour resource might be used more effectively. Delta-innovation worked closely with BPEX to develop the Work-Metrics system for use in the pig industry. This is capable of handling data from all types of pig-unit, including indoor and outdoor set-ups and continuous, three-week and five-week batch farrowing.

The Work-Metrics programme provides a detailed analysis of labour use and labour efficiency on farms. Work-Metrics analyses efficiencies at task-level, and it standardises results according to common outputs e.g. piglets weaned from the breeder herd, and kg liveweight gain from the finishing herd. Work-Metrics analysis includes individual staff-costs, so it allows for an accurate picture to be built of the staff-costs of production for each activity on the farm. This allows the user to focus on improving the efficiency of those tasks for which savings can most easily be made.

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