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Review of livestock pricing by Isle of Man Meats

This study, commissioned by DEFA and conducted during summer 2015, provided an overview of livestock pricing by Isle of Man Meats and examined ‘equivalence’ with UK prices and charges; the markets available to Manx livestock producers and to Isle of Man Meats; alternatives to government-supported equivalence; and processing costs and export costs. The study identified appropriate price referencing data and made recommendations as to how the Government’s and Isle of Man Meats' objectives might be achieved to the benefits of both parties and of Manx farmers. Twelve recommendations were proposed within the report, covering six separate themes: the structure and the commercial operations of Isle of Man Meats, equivalence, the transparency of pricing information provided to livestock producers, accessing higher value markets, and how Isle of Man Meats and Manx farmers might work together.

Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, Isle of Man Government
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