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Scoping the options for rural support and assessing the impact of changes

Jersey's Rural Economic Strategy supports agriculture through a system of direct and indirect subsidies to farmers. Direct subsidies include the Single Area Payment and the Quality Milk payment, whilst indirect subsidy includes, for example, funding for Jersey's abattoir and for Jersey Product Promotions. The Rural Economic Strategy has run from 2011-2015 and will be replaced with a new strategy in 2016.

The first of these projects was a scoping study which provided an overview of current support provided by the States of Jersey to the rural economy and put forward options of how this support might be distributed in a revised mechanism to best achieve the States’ objectives.The second project was undertaken in partnership with Paul Silcock of Cumulus Consultants and provided a detailed analysis of the impacts on farm businesses of possible changes to the subsidy regime. 

States of Jersey
Project Partners: 
Paul Silcock, Cumulus Consultants