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Is there a role for a farming opportunity 'matching service'?

Delta-innovation worked with the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs to assess the feasibility of establishing a farming opportunity matching ervice. Difficulties in raising capital and in securing the stability and funding necessary to take on the tenure of a farm can deter and prevent young people from starting in farming. However, it is not necessarily land ownership or tenure that will allow young people to get a foot on the farming ladder. For many, the opportunities offered by joint ventures with existing farmers provide a more realistic route to a farming career. For existing farmers and land owners, the opportunity to develop and diversify the business profile on their farm should be a positive prospect. It is this combination of assets and experience of existing farmers matched with the ideas and enthusiasm of younger entrants that provides such an exciting mix.

Joint ventures between established farmers and new entrants are not a new concept, but there is scope for an increase in the number and scale of such activities. Their development as a means to reinvigorate agricultural production has in the past been hindered at least in part by the fragmented nature of supply and demand. A farming opportunity matching service would, it is hoped, overcome this fragmentation.

National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs
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